“The Art Keeper’s Lamp” is the creative brain work of Mr OLLOH JAMES CHIJINDU, who is the 23rd recipient of the nationally recognized and prestigious SOLIDRA CIRCLE AWARD 2003.

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Lamps are fundamental parts of a home, but “The Art Keeper’s Lamp” has been designed to just bring in that artistic complements into homes….especially those who knows the worth of art, and that also is how the name has been derived. It is cheap and affordable at its various selling prices for 100% hand-made originals.

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The lamps can also be customized by branding of the company’s logo, or the individuals names on it, this can serve as a very good corporate gift to friends and clients in yuletide seasons.

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Art inspires life; art speaks a language of its own. Through murals, frescoes, paintings, sculptures, and portraits, art has expanded our horizons. Artist; James Olloh brings the above statement to the fore through his new works, Lamps That Talk, Tell Stories.

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Our Works

Inspired by this idea, he embarked on adding the value to art. In the past few years, he worked diligently, exploring ways of incorporating deep cultural values into his work. The result is the production of lamps with purely African themes.

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Why Jinoish Conglomerate!

“Our focus is mainly on African Masks, while we are not leaving out using well designed and structured ceramics as well!” Hence every art lover who desire’s a very unique art pieces for his or her home can easily get one now…... If you come across any lamp that looks very African in any part of the world, and is a Mask, look out for the labels, most likely it is …. “THE ART KEEPER’S LAMPS” It might interest people to know that we have over 25 different mask lamp types, and several different designs of the ceramics types too, and we are still working at increasing the numbers through consistent research works.

Art Keeper’s Lamps’ and ‘Art Keeper’s Folk Tale Lamps’

The lamps come in different colours, shapes and sizes.